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Hotel San Anselmo - Rome

Staying at the Aventine is perhaps the secret desire of all those who visit Rome. It is one of the places of greater fascination of the entire city and the testimonies of ancient Rome that here are innumerable, acquire animated contours the moment the street lamps are turned on in the evening. In the public square of S. Anselmo, in front of the homonym Benedictine church with convent, the S. Anselmo Hotel is distinguished in all its beauty, a wonderful private villa having pastel colours that as from 1960 has been transformed into an alluring hotel, where elegance, the romantic atmosphere and privacy, guarantee an unforgettable stay. Stepping out of the hotel and walking through the peaceful roads of the hill, passing by the imposing Benedictine Monastery, the famous public square of the Knights of Malta is reached, where Saint Peter’s Dome can be admired through the famous keyhole of the Grand Priory of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Moving on through the striking Garden of Oranges, to finally descend towards the Tevere, many times immortalised in the sunsets etched by Piranesi. The astonishment that is felt in seeing the amplitude of the Circus Maximus and the beauty of the Palatino ruins simply leaves one breathless and encourages you to continue towards the Colosseum and the Arc of Traiano before plunging yourself through Piazza Venezia, amidst the chaos of the Historical Centre.
Completely restructured in 2006, it harmoniously complements modernity and antique fascination with a refined and elegant style, which is also unmistakably metropolitan and chic.
The furnishings are varied, having a perfect mixture of baroque and contemporary pieces just like the fireplace being made of steel and backlit that contrasts harmoniously with the antique boiserie in wood, mirrors and dated appliqués brought back to splendor, modern steel tables in the breakfast hall together with an antique, gilded candlestick dating from the 800’s originating from an old chapel of the family. Every room differs from another and all express particular quality, which is very much sought, epitomised in an unforgettable name. A thousand kisses “Mille baci”, A thousand and a night “Mille e una notte”, Don’t you forget about me “Non ti scordar di me”, Room with a view “Camera con vista”, Hearts cuddles and caresses “Cuori coccole e carezze”, He loves me, he loves me not “M’ama non m’ama”, Room for Romance, Room of poems “Camera delle poesie”, these are only a few and evoke romantic atmospheres, fairytale situations, dreamlike memories, for nights one dreams of. Some rooms have the bathtub on show with a starry sky, others have four-poster beds with imposing drapery, others have poems written on the walls, all have bathrooms with inlaid marble and water massage Jacuzzi bathtubs. From the terraces of some rooms an evocative Roman view is enjoyed, especially at dusk. The most particular is surely the one developed from the gardener’s shed with an independent entrance above the blossoming garden, embellished with a lavish bath on the lower floor, with coloured mosaic, a swimming pool in stonework, antique washbasins, with the ceiling studded with luminous LED’s, in an evocative atmosphere of Roman thermal baths.
The entrance patio, with great sofas and soft, white cushions, having an antique porch in wrought iron and embellished with a beautiful, religious design on antique Florentine hand-painted tiles, urges the guests to enter an atmosphere of relaxation and familiarity. The pleasant garden urges you to enjoy breakfast amidst orange and lemon trees, scented flowers having sparkling colours of spring, only to be disturbed by the pleasant chirping of cute birds or by the magical toll of bells of the convents and churches that surround it. And all this happens anyway, in the heart of Rome, a few paces away from the Historical Centre, easily reached by means of public or private transport.